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LEVANT: The Ar-ab-menian fusion

Posted on 30 July 2018

By Sally Saeed @dinewithsally


Great taste, consistency and a delight to every taste bud are just a few ways to describe Amman’s favorite Levantine restaurant, Levant.

Why I’m saying this?

Well, if you are a foodie like me, and you’re always on the lookout for something to delight your senses then you are definitely going to be over the moon by discovering Levant. The restaurant is very popular for the authentic Arabic-Armenian delicacies it offers, as it is very rare to come across a place that serves dishes with a flavorful Armenian touch in Jordan. This place is actually one of the first ones to introduce the Arabic-Armenian fusion – signature dishes with a modern twist, in all of Jordan.

Levant, as the name portrays, brings together a scrumptious variety food from the Levant region which covers Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Jordan. It fuses fingerlicking, original flavors representing the different cultures of this region. The restaurant crafts dishes with a unique Armenian twist, which makes it all more different from other eateries around Jordan.

The restaurant is located in Jabal Amman 3rd Circle, right behind the Le Royal Hotel. They have a welcoming indoor dining area with contemporary décor, as well as a beautiful terrace where you can be served Argeeleh or simply take in the picturesque view of the area. Now let’s focus on the good stuff, the food! Take a look at the feast I had at Levant.

Although most of the dishes have an added twist, the Tabooleh is not to be messed with. Simple, delicious, and as they say, why mess with a classic?

We move on to their signature Beetroot Mutabal; diced beetroot beautifully spiced up with Levantine ingredients that consist mainly of garlic, tahini and aubergine. To die for!

The very famous Armenian starter, the Pomelo Salad, which isn’t very commonly found in Amman, includes a healthy combination of pomelo, mushrooms, cheese, sweet corn and fresh thyme. This is considered a smashing success and is one of the restaurants specialty salads. I absolutely loved it!

Have you ever heard of chicken balls stuffed with nuts? This was the Usmaliya, and the stuffing was coated with Kunafeh – unbelievable! Rich, succulent and melts smoothly. I thought this is one of the most creative dishes I’ve had in the Middle East.

The Batata Harra came cleverly presented as round Noisette Potatoes, flavored with green coriander, spices and garlic – a perfect appetizer with a kick. What I loved the most about it other than the flavor was the crisp; it never failed to crunch with every bite.

Grilled Cheese Raqaeq dish was basically awesome grilled thin pastry sheets, filled generously with cheese.

For the main course, I tried the signature Beef Shawarma which arrived on the table in a skewer, so different and oh-so delicious! How? The marination was just perfect; a flawless balance of salty and spicy. The meat was so tender and juicy and was paired with the perfect condiments of small bread, garlic sauce and pickles.

Levant is the first restaurant in town to launch the Freekeh Risotto concept! Rich and creamy with white sauce, it has an authentic vibe yet a modern touch to it, I loved it! Also a specialty of theirs.

Last but certainly not least, Manti; the famous Armenian dish. Levant is the only place in Amman that serves Manti which is delectable mini oven-baked dough castings filled with minced meat and served with their chef’s special sauce. You will fall in love, guaranteed!

Each and every dish I tried was very much on point in terms of flavor, as well as presentation. I especially liked the fact that some of the dishes authenticity was kept intact, whereas others have an added creative twist to make your taste buds dance. A true fusion indeed! All-in-all, it’s a memorable dining experience for everyone amidst a wonderful ambiance!

Don’t forget to book your tables in advance to avoid the wait.



Mob: +962 79 66 09 000
Tel: +962 6 46 28 948


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