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Your Eid Escape

by Haya Issa |  | 57 comments

Whether you fancy a city escape or relaxing on the beach, we've got you covered with the best spots to visit this Eid holiday.

5 Instagram-worthy destinations to visit this year

by Haya Issa |  | 58 comments

Recently, millennials have started booking trips based solely on photos they've seen on Instagram. We've rounded up the 5 Instagram-worthy destinations that we all must visit this year. Yes, it's a thing!  

A Few Days of Bliss: the wellness retreats you need to visit

by Haya Issa |  | 56 comments

Are you seeking inner balance, a yoga escape or simply to recover and rejuvenate? Check out the best wellness retreats to visit this year!

Where to Travel to for Active Retreats

by Noor Judeh |

Whether you want to do something athletic or Zen, there are plenty of destinations and experiences you’re missing out on worldwide. We’ve done some research for you and located the best picks.

The New Year's Hot Spots

by Noor Judeh |

As we inch closer to the big 2019, people are scurrying around trying to sew together a satisfactory New Year's travel plan. The hot spots around the globe are creating quite a buzz, and we've put together an up-to-date list for your reference. 

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