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Wedding Bells

by Haya Issa |  | 57 comments

Have you ever thought about the reason why June weddings are oh-so-popular all over the world? According to Roman mythology, the month of June was named after Juno, the Queen of the Gods and Goddess of marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. Hence, a June marriage would be most auspicious. Apart from that, June is when the weather starts to warm up. In spirit of Juno, we talked to a bride-to-be, a jewelry expert, a florist and a wedding planner about the do's and dont's of this year's weddings. 
Mariam Nabulsi, planning her October 2019 wedding at the Dead Sea in Jordan.
1. What are your favorite parts of planning your wedding?
Looking up cool ideas online.
2. When it comes to decisions, who calls the shots?
The bride of course- at least in my case, but sometimes you need to bend for what the moms on both sides also want.
3. What are your ‘must haves’ at the wedding?
A great DJ with the right playlist.
4. How did you choose the venue, wedding planner, theme, flowers, etc.? 
For the venue, I was always a big fan of outdoor venues (not too in love with big ballroom weddings) so the Dead Sea seemed like the natural choice. In my case the venue itself inspired the theme, a relaxed simple pastel vibe that resonates with the location. As for the planner, find someone who understands you and you can have an honest conversation with. 
5. What’s one piece of advice you can give young brides who are planning their engagement or wedding?
Relax, think of it as a party not as the defining moment of your life. That way, you can actually enjoy planning. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help from friends and family.
Majd Noureldin, florist in Cairo, Egypt.
Instagram: @flowersbymajd

1. What are the stages of working with a wedding and choosing arrangements & colors?
First thing to do when working on a big project like weddings is to create a theme and concept according to the bride and groom's character and love story. Also, directing them to the creativity, and helping them find themselves in their own fairytale world. They need to be comfortable. Colors come with the mood and theme. They create the whole vibe. Also, flowers are the most important part. They are essential for a reason; because flowers always complement everything around them just like make-up on women. If you put the right flowers that match the theme, everything ends up looking beautiful.

2. What would you say are wedding or romantic flowers? 
As cliche as it may sound, the most romantic flower is the red rose. It symbolizes desire, true love and passion. Wedding flowers could also be orchids- they symbolize beauty and that's what people look for at weddings. They are the most exotic flowers. Finally, the baby breath are an excellent choice to have at weddings since they symbolize long lasting love.
3. Is there such a thing as too much flowers, in your personal opinion?
People who don’t work with flowers or appreciate them will feel they are too much. They will always ask for simple arrangements. When you know how to put the right flowers together and cater the right kind of people, nothing will be too much. 
4. Do you believe there are scents that give off a certain energy?
Different scents provoke different feelings. It depends on you. 
5. What are the trending flowers and flower arrangements for this year?
Grass, foliage, pampas and dyed flowers. People are feeling wild and into the forest this year. They want to symbolize freedom by using lively plants and colorful flowers to give off a taste of the jungle where everyone can be free.
Jewelry Expert
 Gemologist, Mariane Kurdi, from Kurdi Jewelry in Jordan.
Instagram: @kurdijewelry
1. What should a bride-to-be look for when choosing her wedding jewelry?
 First and foremost, a bride should pin down the cut she prefers. Secondly, when choosing the diamond itself, make sure you pick G or F color diamonds; that ensures you get a white colored stone rather than a yellowish stone. Thirdly, check the clarity of the diamond. Personally, I believe the most important detail is the color of the diamond.
2. What are the latest trends in wedding jewelry?
In terms of what's trending right now, the emerald and cushion cut are this year's favorites. We've also seen a lot of brides choose two separate rings rather than a set, as was customary. 
3. What is one piece of advice you can give young brides in terms of taking care of the quality and shine of their jewelry?
My advice: avoid contact with perfumes and creams in order to preserve the shine of the stone. Also, from time to time, take your jewelry to your jeweler for polishing. I personally advise against trying to clean it at home.
Wedding Planner
Alia Hafez, event planner in Cairo, Gouna, and Sahel, Egypt.
Instagram: @byeventsbya
1. What are the first vital steps to efficiently planning a wedding? 
I always recommend starting with the guest list, as having a headcount gets the ball rolling with deciding on the venue and the layout, which is always a good starting point. I also think it's very important to give yourself and your planner plenty of time; I personally recommend a minimum of 4 months in order to secure all the vendors you want. 
2. From a bride's perspective, what is the best way to begin and the best approach she should take with her planner? 
I would say go to the wedding planner with all the essential information already decided on as it makes the process so much easier and allows you to actually begin the planning efficiently. By essential information I mean headcount, budget, whether you want it outdoors or indoors -- basically all of the information that would be determined with your partner and your families, rather than me as the planner. It's always a bonus if you go with an idea of how you would like your wedding to look like, but if you don't have a clear idea of that it is absolute no problem. Your wedding planner can always come up with different themes and concepts for you to explore. 
3. Do you like to stick to one theme throughout all visual aspects of the wedding? 
I definitely like to stick to a theme throughout the entire planning process. Once you decide on a direction, the ideas just flow. For me, everything looks more put together if there is a common ground between them. These little details are what take a wedding from being nice, to wow. 
4. What are some other challenges of planning a wedding that you would say a bride-to-be should be prepared for? 
I think any bride will agree that the planning process can be a bit mentally straining! But from what I've seen, the biggest challenges end up being trying to please all parties involved and making them feel included in the planning process. Moreover, realizing that as you get closer to the wedding leads to a lot of last minute changes and a bride will need to learn to adapt to them quickly. I think these obstacles may be a bit more region specific, but I've certainly seen them happen with most of my brides.

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