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Posts tagged: Interview

Mariam Al-Mansouri: A Girl Boss to Look At

by Noor Judeh |

Introducing the true definition of girl boss, here we have Mariam Al-Mansouri. Known most for being the first female fighter pilot of the United Arab Emirates and one of the first women to join the United Arab Emirates Air Force (UAEAF) altogether.

Pepper & Pine: The New Health Hub

by Noor Judeh |

Pepper & Pine rapidly blossomed into the new hub of fresh and delicious meals for all the gym freaks and diet conscious souls who usually struggle to find fulfilling lunches and dinners without piling on those extra carbs, oils, and processed foods.

Neelam Hakeem: Breaking Grounds

by Noor Judeh |

With over 300,000 followers on Instagram alone and much more vast amounts of admirers internationally, Neelam Hakeem is breaking grounds with her stance supporting Islam and racial minority, and continues to turn heads by the minute.

Getting to know... Aya Barqawi

by Haya Issa |

Meet Aya Barqawi: photographer, content curator, and fashion designer.

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