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Rashida Tlaib - The First Palestinian Woman Elected for Congress

by Noor Judeh |

The first Palestinian-American woman to serve in congress makes history in more ways than one. Not only did she start a benchmark for Arab-Americans by being elected to represent Michigan’s 13th congressional district, Rashida Tlaib carries her heritage evermore strongly by wearing a traditional Palestinian dress (thobe) to commemorate her day of oath and being sworn in on the Quran. This iconic and outspoken woman praises her son’s quote about how bullies do not win and sheds light on Donald Trump in the matter.
This is not the first time Tlaib makes headlines: she was previously thrown out of a political event where the Detroit native interrupted Trump (at the time he was running for president) to bitterly inquire to know if he’s ever read the constitution.
The 42 year-old politician gained popularity through her ambitious ideas including $15 minimum wage, debt-free college education, and a bold appetite to impeach the President. About one month ago, Tlaib tweeted “Can we please start the impeachment process now?” The anticipation of potential destruction that will occur when she reaches the White House is rapidly growing. The fire in her eyes is apparent through her heavy-minded style, of which surfaces in many ways, one being her viewing her election as a moment of light in a very dark time.
Tlaib cannot afford a car in the district and is staying at a friend’s place until she can settle into her own, which are only a few of her several challenges during this transitional time. The first-born of 14 children to Palestinian immigrant parents is ripe to climb the struggle mountain to success. By the same token, she is not afraid of controversy and it’s an open question just how far she will go to obtain peace.

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