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Pepper & Pine: The New Health Hub

Posted on 20 October 2018

 Al-Qadi Sisters Bring Hope to Home


This year, an ultra-flavorful variety of healthy food combinations has been created and planted right in the heart of Abdoun – to bless us Jordanians. Pepper & Pine rapidly blossomed into the new hub of fresh and delicious meals for all the gym freaks and diet conscious souls who usually struggle to find fulfilling lunches and dinners without piling on those extra carbs, oils, and processed foods. “I moved back to Amman after having lived in Boston for four years, only to find that it was much harder to rely on our restaurants to maintain a healthy diet. Everywhere I went and tried to eat salads, they either weren’t appetizing or were too repetitive,” Sana Al Qadi, co-owner of Pepper & Pine explained to Elmuda. Sana and older sister Suhad brainstormed this innovative idea, which they worked very hard to materialize into a hit brand. When asked how she came up with the name Pepper & Pine, she said, “I wanted my salad bar to represent my culture, so that’s why the restaurant has a Mediterranean twist, and the most commonly used ingredients in the Mediterranean diet are pepper and pine.” Not to mention there’s a great ring to that name!

Since the opening, the Pepper & Pine customer family has been loyal and growing – and that does not come without its needs. P&P responds to the pressures of satisfying its huge family by creating a range of diet-based meals. From protein based salads, to vegetarian and vegan salads, they’ve also created snacks for people who want that extra zest that salads don’t offer. “Obviously vegan dishes aren’t very easy to find so we had to work hard to find satisfying vegan meals. And I know that healthy desserts, for example, are rare. So I always try to come up with healthier options and collaborate with the most upcoming healthy bakeries in Jordan to keep our customers excited,” explains Sana to Elmuda, “We also try to come up with ingredients that haven’t been heard about in Jordan such as bee pollen, which is really healthy for your diet but usually isn’t added because its really hard to find.”

Pepper & Pine recently unveiled its special collaboration with health influencer “Zeinutritionist” as a prey to follow their vision of giving their clientele exactly what they need and continue to bring buzz to their block. “Our main goal is to become the biggest health-conscious quick service chain restaurant in the Middle East but while still focusing on real produce and real food, and trying to use the local experience, i.e. local farms, etc. There aren’t a lot of “hip” restaurants in the Middle East that at the same time have a homemade feel to it,” Sana talks vision for Pepper & Pine, although it seems they have already landed in that playing field and hit home run. Bringing an organic, transparent, and witty feel through the food and the mood, it’s not hard to give P&P your trust.  If you haven’t yet tried Pepper & Pine, and have an inkling for salads, wraps, toasts, rice bowls, desserts, or even just side snacks, there is so much freshness waiting for you at each of those ends at P&P. Sana has kindly suggested a few of her own favorites:

Shik Shak Shuka 

One Crazy Chick 

Shrimpy the Best 

Hearty Mediterranean 

Asian Situation 


The lemon pepper chips with sweet potato hummus 

Homemade Twix bars 

Chocolate hummus with cinnamon chips


by Noor Judeh

Lifestyle Editor

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