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Neelam Hakeem: Breaking Grounds

by Noor Judeh |

Reaching worldwide audiences and icons, Neelam Hakeem is becoming a very visible representative of Islamic nuances in the game of fashion and art. Having converted to Islam in 2007, and always striving for that eye-catching look, she adapted her style to fit with the hijab in the most creative, beautiful, and attention grabbing ways.
Revealing that she’s never been a skin show-er, Hakeem shares her belief that you can be both modest and fierce at the same time. If the world can embrace that concept, the fashion world will never be the same again. And she certainly got her wish because the world is definitely taking a look at Hakeem’s movement. What sets her apart from the various modern influencers out there is that once you dig deeper than her pictures you will find an array of videos with rap songs in which she preaches about topics regarding women’s rights and political controversies.
After being discovered, Hakeem was rapidly recognized by several celebrities including Jaden Smith and Kanye West, both whom have featured her lyrics in their songs. Deep, endearing and daring, her words strike intensity and not without reason. Her art is backed up by her difficult and traumatic experiences of which she explained to Vogue Arabia started at the age of 15. “My mom drove us from Seattle to Los Angeles, we stayed in shelters along the way. My first day in South Central LA was September 11, 2001,” where she remembers being surrounded by guns and gang shootings around her school. These tormenting years were followed by her mother being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and losing most of her bodily function. Showing signs of a strong woman and a leader, Hakeem used these experiences as stepping-stones to give her strength.
After endless support and praise from her husband, she got the courage to start creating music that caught the world by storm. Hakeem admits that rap tends to portray women negatively and she is keen on the idea that women should always do whatever they want, and not be labeled or told how to dress. Going against the common grains of her genre, Hakeem pushes for women to be called queens rather than bitches and hoes, and is surprised to see just how many men are into this new direction. People love her and find her showcasing style so beautiful and not naked.  To top it off, Hakeem also fights for African American rights and in her song “What Y’all Wanna Do”, she acknowledges injustices surrounding colored people and inhumane police killings of many Black men and women.  With over 300,000 followers on Instagram alone and much more vast amounts of admirers internationally, Neelam Hakeem is breaking grounds with her stance supporting Islam and racial minority, and continues to turn heads by the minute.

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