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LAMBA Neon - Artists to Watch

by Noor Judeh |  | 1 comment

LAMBA neon art has proved itself as Amman's new hot commodity as we tie the ribbon on 2018 and pounce into the new year. Touching down in rooms all over town from restaurants to bars to basements, conceptual neon artist Hana Ghawi explores her creative abilities to shed light on Jordan's edgily modern community.
Getting her inspiration from her years living in the United States, the 28 year old entrepreneur knew she had much to offer within the then unexplored medium of art in the Middle East.  With the teamwork of Ghawi and her new co-owner Raya Kassisieh (as of January 2018), the duo operates all aspects of their company to produce a variety of displays for ample occasions and functions. 
 Ghawi explained to Elmuda her fascination behind the idea that neon lights are associated with low-budget signage in rundown areas of Jordan. The creator of the first neon art design studio in Amman revealed that her purpose is to "re-contextualize the art [of neon] and challenge the typical perception of neon".  As much as success has occurred in spreading the nuanced discovery, which is quite apparent in her inventory that has conquered Amman, Ghawi humbly envisions growing and learning from other artists. She enjoys collaborating with designers besides herself to "give [her] products an extra dimension, push [her] concepts to new fields of thought, and provide a larger base of knowledge and expertise to learn and innovate from."
 From Arabic calligraphy to classic images to catchy English phrases, LAMBA presents a wide selection of unique looks and vibes, making each installation more original than the next.  "Truly everything inspires us. From the land we come from  to our travels, our research, everyday interactions, phrases we hear, people we meet, cultures other than our own -- they all amalgamate to create the project that we call LAMBA", Ghawi proudly states.
 It's time to hop on the neon bandwagon and add the most perfect finishing touch to your space that you never knew was missing. 

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