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Dou.bymisura: The Creative Footwear Concept

by Noor Judeh |

Egyptian shoe designer, Ahd El Saady, sits down with Elmuda and shares the inspiration behind her concept, the awesome new winter collection, and more. 
What made you start your own shoe line? 
I’ve been into shoes ever since my senior year in high school, for my final art class project, I re-designed shoes, brought boring old pairs of heels to life and made it glamorous. I knew then that that was the career I wanted to study more of and fly with from that point on. 
What materials do you use to make your shoes? 
I use suede a lot, I love the way it compliments shoes, vinyl fabric for a simpler look.  I also use wax leather, which is one of my favorites for a vintage worn out look. I have also experimented with patterns, and recently have been very into buckles. 
How did you come up with the concept of the detachable shoe? 
I wanted to create something different, that isn’t available in the market and is as practical as practicality gets for that is the purpose of my brand, practicality. A shoe that customers could have fun with and wear on two different occasions with them looking like two completely different shoes. 
What are your favorite shoes that you have ever created? 
My favorite pair of shoes is a pair I’ve created during my footwear design study in Australia. It’s very special to me because they were they first pair of shoes I’ve designed and handmade myself. They were a pair of classic Oxfords using sting ray leather which was an out of the box idea. Being able to wear them and experience both the sense of great style and great comfort, felt like the biggest sense of accomplishment. 
How long does it take to produce a new collection? 
It takes about two months, I start off by digging into inspo’s by tiny details; places, moods, colors from nature, what widens my eyes etc… I later on sample my sketches and ideas by bringing them to life and picking and choosing what I love most and what works well and blends for a full collection. 
What is the theme of your winter collection? 
The theme for my winter collection are two oppositions, fresh and icy, and dark, washed out biker vibes. 
Are you planning on expanding outside of Egypt? 
Yes, I want to start off by expanding in boutique’s in Europe, boutique’s in Paris, Rome, and London. As well as sell online internationally. 
Where and how can the readers get your shoes? 
Dou.bymisura is available to order through my Instagram page, @dou.bymisura, MICHA online, and stores in Cairo such as Pop-up Store, Misura Store, Hosted by Amina K, and Jay Egypt.

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