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Annabella Hilal: The superwoman who does it all

by Haya Issa |

From the world of Law and a dream to defend rights, Annabella Hilal’s unexpected journey began with Miss Lebanon. A mother of four, a lecturer on human rights, and a TV anchor and presenter, read on to discover Hilal’s fashion icon, personal style and much more!

Having established yourself as a TV presenter and social media influencer, Annabella Hilal is definitely a name to know. Can you walk us through your journey from model to TV presenter? 

When I started university, I decided to run for Miss Lebanon and that’s where my real journey began. This opportunity was what pushed me to become a TV presenter.


Tell us a bit more about your background; how did you decide to start your career? We know you hold a Master’s degree in Law. Why didn’t you pursue a career in the field and do you ever think you will?

My educational background is completely unrelated to my career. When I started university, I decided to pursue a degree in Law as I wanted to become a judge and defend rights. This was my ultimate goal and it always will be. I believe it’s never too late and once I reach the ultimate success in my current career, I will definitely go back to my initial passion.


As a mother of four, how do you balance work and home life? How can you do it all?

This balance is a daily challenge. I cannot deny that my family and Nader are great supporters and try to help out a lot. Vacations and weekends are fully dedicated to my children.

Can you describe your typical day from morning till evening?

I wake up early in the morning with my children and help them get dressed and have breakfast before school. Once they’re out, I exercise and then run a few errands, tick a few things off the daily list. In the afternoon, I help my kids out with their homework and make sure they get their dinner before bedtime. Evenings are usually dedicated to Nader and all the events we go to.


Who is your style icon?

Gigi Hadid


Who is your favorite designer?

Tom Ford


What is your favorite summer shoe– sandals, flip-flops or slip-ons?

Flip flops


I’d definitely go for…

Heels vs. flats

Rings vs. bracelet

Necklace vs. earrings

Shoulder bag (mini or crossbody) vs. tote

Glossy vs. matte lipstick


What’s in your bag? 

Lipstick, charger, notebook, photos of my children


What’s your go-to outfit; for those days when you cannot seem to figure out what to wear?

 Jeans and a tee


What is your preferred travel destination?

USA for shopping and Cyprus for relaxing and tanning.



Any future plans on the horizon? 

I am currently preparing for a TV show which will be aired on Egyptian TV. I am also negotiating the possibility of shooting an advertisement for a luxury product which I will announce once all is signed.


You have been featured in various local and regional magazines for your sense of fashion. Can you describe your style in three words?

 Comfortable. Colorful. Dressy.



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