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The 2019 Home Remodel

by Noor Judeh |

It's out with the old and in with the new when it comes to how to design our living spaces this year. We've selected the redesigns that can change up your entire home and bring it to life in 2019. It's time for a makeover!
In: Biophilia
In 2019, there is so much interest around emphasizing the connection between humankind and nature. Organic materials inside homes have therefore become a bit hit. Plant life, wood, stone, and daylight are all opportunities to bring the outside, inside. In this machine and tech driven society, nothing can be more refreshing than the nostalgia of nature.
Out: Clutter
It’s no longer cute to cram up your space by having lots going on in an area. Eclecticism is always good, but it shouldn't be overdone – or you’ll just end up with chaos. Everything you should invest in should have a purpose, so try to steer clear from purchasing for design without function. Let’s say goodbye to clutter and unnecessary overuse of patterns in our homes this year.
In: Memphis Design
Primary colors and graphic shapes haven’t seen much action since two decades ago, and now they are stepping back in as the modern movement. We are turning a bit away from straight and rigid furniture lines and choosing round tables and curved sofas.
Out: Gendered Rooms
We aren’t very into the gendered traits assigned to concepts in design. Girly versus manly color palettes and textures tend to dampen interior creativity. We are into universal emotional responses to nature and colors, unapologetically.
In: Feminine Tones
Speaking of unbiased gender design, colors that are in this year are blush, pink, and bronze. Warm colors work beautifully on walls and splashes of soft pinks around a room will instantly lift up a tired room.
Out: Minimalist Art
Consumers are getting bored of the simple art this year. Instead of worrying about how well a painting may or may not match the furniture, think about whether you admire the painting itself or not. Infuse that piece of your personality into your space.

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