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How Fitness Changed My Life

Posted on 15 July 2018

We've all heard it before: "working out and exercise is good for your health". Yet, we always tend to find excuses to stop us from becoming our best selves (health and fitness wise). Whether it's work, family, demotivation, or any other excuse we give ourselves, there's always a reason to make us say 'I'll start tomorrow'. 
And then you hear the stories of people whose lives were changed by fitness and you start wondering: could that be me one day? 
Meet Karma Taher, a fierce fitness addict whose life was changed for the better by exercise after having suffered two life-changing injuries. Read her journey and you won't say "I can't" again. 


Her story

"Fitness had always been a part of my life up until I went to university. That's when I had a car accident and broke my back. I had to lay off sports for an entire year and then slowly fell out of the habit and lifestyle of working out. I then went back to it when I was maybe 25 or 26 years old, and tore a ligament in my knee playing soccer, and so stopped all over again. I finally came back to it a year and half ago and it has become my daily life. I have come back to world of fitness in full force and haven't stopped since." 


Her fitness journey

"I had become sick of this unhealthy lifestyle I was living but didn't do anything about it. I was lazy, demotivated and generally just careless about my health. Given the fact that I was an athlete before, I had a sense of guilt towards my body and my state of health in general. Then one day, my best friend introduced me to my current coach and mentor Mona Bitar, and we had a sit down and that was that. She had actually asked me one question and it was: where do you see yourself when you're 60? And honestly, that did the trick. I was going to be the healthy old lady that's lifting weights and making fun of the lazy youngsters around me."

"I now workout 5 or 6 days a week and take a day or two to rest my body. Our small group training at the gym is focused on strength and conditioning mainly and of course the use of kettle bells (which I love). But given the fact that we have such a variety of classes there, its hard to pick just one. But things i absolutely love doing are pull ups and battle ropes." 


The change

"As cliche as it might sound, I have never felt better. I am stronger, more balanced, more coordinated, more flexible and generally just a healthier person. And as vain as this might sound, looking in the mirror and seeing your gains doesn't hurt either.
    1. I have finally started to eat healthier and watch my general nutrition.
    2. I have stopped partaking in certain unhealthy habits.
    3. My days have started to revolve around my gym classes. At first my days revolved around my naps (well they still do), but my classes have become a priority over those as well. 
    4. I am a happier person
    5. Most importantly, going to the gym has done wonders for my anxiety and IBS. I used to take IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) medication daily, I haven't taken any in over 6 months.


    by Haya Issa

    Managing Editor

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