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Going Vegan - the buzz about veganism saving our world

by Noor Judeh |

For those of you who don’t know, veganism is a strict form of vegetarianism where one does not consume meats or any substances derived from animals including eggs and dairy products. The size of vegan bandwagon has been rapidly growing in recent years, and there are tons of reasons for this. The vegan lifestyle can be inspired by the ‘inhumane’ view about slaughtering animals for consumption, to health related reasons, to an outlook of a better planet in the future. The vegan society would argue the following:



  • Sentient animals have a right to freedom and a good life


Many of us have emotional attachment to animals. But what separates a dog or cat from a cow, chicken, insect, lamb, fish, horse, pig, or any living creature for that matter? A good moral compass would mean taking a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation, and moreover show compassion to all lives.



  • Nutritionally, it is better for you (and just as delicious!)


Other than being suitable for every age of life, substantial research has uncovered facts about how veganism reduces health risks, and linked veganism directly to reduced cholesterol, low blood pressure, heart dysfunctions, diabetes, and even cancer.



  • It is much more environmentally friendly 


The production of meat and animal substances burdens our environment heavily due to processes involved in maintaining the animals. Vast amounts of agriculture that is required to maintain animal production contributes to deforestation. Millions of acres of land are dedicated to producing beans and crops to force-feed the animals and maneuver their growth for certain foods for humans. This is land wasted and injects into the malnutrition of our world, when the land can be used to produce healthy crops for us. A plant-based diet only requires a third of the land that we use today. We are facing an insecurity of food and water supply due to certain socio-economic problems, today more than ever before. This is the best time to adopt such a diet.


There is a common misconception that it will be a challenge to replace your protein intake, when the reality of the matter is that our bodies do not require large amounts of protein to begin with. Filling your body with the right amount of protein might even happen automatically from the plant based food you eat, and if not, it is quite easy to substitute your protein through other healthier goods and obtain the right amount every day! Get off your high horses and consider this option, veganism just might be the new way.

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