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Four Less Conventional Ramadan Traditions

by Noor Judeh |  | 51 comments

We are all aware of the main Ramadan rules, which include fasting, prayer, and giving to charity. Many other pleasant Ramadan traditions are less focused on now but still live on from centuries ago.

Ramadan Diaries: The Beauty of Fasting and Weight Loss

by Noor Judeh |  | 60 comments

Fasting is beneficial to your health and weight-loss in more ways than one. Proven by the new popular notion of intermittent fasting: it leads to fat burning and low calorie intake. It may not be such unlucky fate that Ramadan is falling right before our summer months this year.

Victoria's Realest Secret

by Noor Judeh |  | 53 comments

What Victoria's Secret models do in the gym to obtain the perfectly slim body.

Signs of Being in a Healthy Relationship

by Noor Judeh |  | 54 comments

While we must admit that no relationship is perfect, there is a clear distinction between feeling up and feeling down, and healthy relationships make you feel good almost all of the time. Putting it simply, a healthy relationship is one that brings out the best in you. Here, we explain how. 

Relationship Goals: Making fun of your partner makes your relationship stronger

by Haya Issa |

A study at the University of Kansas over the course of 30 years reveals that making fun of your significant other can be super beneficial for your relationship and keeping that spark alive. 

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