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What’s New in Fashion and Beauty?

Posted on 22 August 2018

Trends come and go like changes of the seasons. Whether it’s beauty, fashion or any other fad, they all follow the same rule of “things are in, and then they’re out” and the cycle constantly repeats itself.
So let’s get straight to the point, what’s new in fashion and beauty?
Sustainable Fashion
With the growing awareness within consumers and designers in the industry, fashion has taken a shift towards the eco-friendly and socio-economically friendly side. Doing so benefits the designers, the workers, the consumers and most importantly the environment.
Don’t make the mistake in thinking that just because fashion has taken this turn, the clothes will no longer be trendy and stylish. You’ll be surprised of the outcome. Clothes still look stylish, but with an edgy, environmentally friendly feel and input.
That sounds cool, if we’re being honest!
Sustainable fashion has created a new reality, and a new pillar of luxury for both designers, and brands alike.
Elimination of waste, recycling, using ethical fabric, faux fur and resourcing have become essential in the art of sustainable fashion.
Fashion should be curative and regenerative; this way clothing we love, doesn’t go to waste.
Designers such as Stella McCartney, EDUN, TOME, Eileen Fisher and more have joined this trend with open arms.  
Stella McCartney
With her ongoing use of faux leather and fur, she soon became interested in sustainability on all fronts thus introducing more alternative fabrics to her clothing lines.
Example: Using ‘bolt threads’ to make a spider silk dress.
Nathalie Ballout
This Swedish-Lebanese designer is known for having her clothing made up of handmade, recycled pieces of wearable art. What makes it so special is each garment is unique to its owner.
Her fall 2018 collection was inspired by the saddening state of our environment and we saw one of the pieces worn by singer Dua Lipa.
When it comes to beauty trends, it’s always back and fourth with finding ways to look and feel younger from the outside. Beauticians, dermatologists, aren’t the only ones coming up with simple solutions to this.
Glass Skin Complexion
This Korean beauty trend is the one to have.
In other words: to have clean, luminous and transparent skin.
We all want to have perfectly smooth, hydrated skin with an all over shine. But how do we do it?
With 4 simple steps, you’ll get close to attaining this glass-like complexion.
Step 1: Double cleanse, with cleansing oils followed by a foam-based wash. Don’t skip this one, as it is the golden rule.
Step 2: Apply a mask once/twice a week. Opt for natural-ingredient based masks, preferable black sugar and strawberry.
Step 3: Tone and brighten, with a brightening, skin rejuvenating cream.
And finally step 4: Moisturize to maintain hydration.
Cryotherapy Facials/ Supernova Facial
Although it isn’t available everywhere yet, this facial rejuvenates the skin, giving it a natural glow!
It starts off with an Aqua Peel, that removes dead skin (oxygenated packed with glycolic acid). It is then followed by a micro current device, a collagen mask, thermal clay mask and finished off by applying cryotherapy to the skin and concluding with oxygen.
Cryotherapy is known to increase circulation and oxygenation within the skin when used in facials.
Would you give it a try?
Facial Rollers
Ditch your arm candy, this is the new accessory to have! Facial rolling is a definite must add when it comes to your skin-care routine. Think of it as a paint roller, but to your face.
They help reduce the puffiness of a slept on, tired face. Moreover, it benefits the flow within your lymphatic channels.
How do you use it? Either massage your face with it for 3-5 minutes after applying your facial products, or just apply your serum with the roller.
 by Haya Abdulhadi

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