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The Workout Leggings for Your Body Type

by Haya Issa |

Ever wondered if you're wearing the right workout clothes? With the athleisure trend taking center stage in the fashion scene, it's critical to learn what works for you, what doesn't and how to keep on trend!

So, what's you body type and what should you wear to complement your best assets?


1. The Apple

Is most of your weight around your midsection and above your hips? You’re an amorous apple. 

What to wear: Fitted high-waisted leggings that suck up your belly and accentuate your legs. Opt for colorful pairs and loose tops to keep the focus on your slimmer sections, i.e. legs and shoulders. 


2. The Hourglass

Do you have curves and a tiny waist? Then you’re a sensual hourglass.  

What to wear: Figure-hugging tops and cropped leggings with thick-banded waists are your BFFs. Keep the spotlight on your waist and show off those curves.


3. The Pear

Is the widest part around your hips? You’re a bootylicious pear.

What to wear: Colorful fitted tops with dark long leggings highlight your upper body and elongate your silhouette. 


4. The Rectangle

Are you not very curvy with hips and waist that are similar in size? Then you’re a riveting rectangle. You’re goal here is to accentuate your waist in a way that makes your upper body and hips look bigger.

What to wear: Ruched-side tops highlight and define your curves. Try cropped colorful leggings or shorts. 


5. The Petite

Are you on the shorter side and smaller in size? Then you're perfectly petite.

What to wear: Avoid cropped leggings or shorter cuts as they will make you look shorter and stouter. Instead go for long form-fitting cuts to elongate your look. Try colorblocked leggings or short shorts. 




by Haya Issa

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