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The Perfect Dress

by Haya Issa |

by Haya Abdul-Hadi

Guest Writer


Its that time of the year again! And by that time of the year, I mean its time to find that perfect dress to ring in the New Year with.

Ever went shopping for the perfect dress for hours and hours, only to end up with nothing? I think every girl in the world faces this issue. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been stressed out of our minds to find that unique dress. Dresses are and will always be that must-have item in our closets, therefore it’s necessary to find the ‘perfect’ one. And by perfect I mean, it fits and flatters our bodies in the right ways. This is when it becomes fundamental to know your body shape and which style compliments it well. You want to highlight your assets the right way, with the right dress!

Need guidance? Look no further! Here’s one that will make your trip to the mall easier, less stressful, and most importantly successful.



  1. The Apple

Is most of your weight built around your midsection? Are your hips narrower than your bust? You are the amorous apple.

What to wear: Shifting the attention from your midsection onto your bust is the goal here. Tunic and shift dresses with deep necklines and high waistlines are your best options. Opt for color blocking to create an illusion of a lesser waist.


Looking to show off those legs? A swing dress with a short hem length is perfect for you. Add a statement necklace, and you’re good to go!


  1. The Pear

Are your hips and thighs wider than your upper body? Then, you are a bodacious pear. If Beyoncé and Rihanna can flaunt their pear-body assets without struggle, then so can you!

What to Wear: Fit-and-Flare dresses are the perfect fit for you; especially the off-shoulder cuts. It’s the complete combination: a fitted bodice, a knee-length flare starting at the waist, and a linear neckline. This option enhances your waistline and arms, whilst shifting the attention from your hips, to your upper body and lower legs. Stick to monochromatic colors: either light or dark. Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize with a statement necklace and bold earrings!



  1. The Hourglass

Are you curvy, with a tiny waist and fuller bust?  You are a voluptuous hourglass.

What to wear: Dresses that highlight your natural curves, waist and bust are your BFFs as an hourglass. Select bodycon dresses with sweetheart or scoop necklines, or those with a peplum waist.

Not a fan of a bodycon dress and looking to downplay your curves? You can choose to show off those legs with the fit-and-flare vintage dress with a low neckline, just like Marilyn Monroe!


  1. The Rectangle

Do your hips, waist and bust align in size? Is your figure equally straight up and down? You are a fascinating rectangle.

Your main goal here is to create an impression of curves and a defined waist, just like that of an hourglass.Taylor Swift stylizes her rectangular shape to accentuate her femininity and flaunt her best assets. She constantly slays the fashion scene with her daring choices of dresses, and crop top-skirt sets.

What to wear: The crop top-skirt set is a favorable option.  Pick a fitted, girlish top with a neckline of your choice; backless, asymmetrical, turtleneck, boat neck, tube, or crew line. Complementing the top, the skirt should have a synced high waist with boxed pleats or flare.

Feeling bold enough? Try the high-slit high-waist skirt along with a tube neckline top to match. Always opt for bright, eye-catching colors, or bold prints and patterns when it comes to choosing your set.



  1. The Petite

Are you on the shorter and smaller side of the shape spectrum? Then, you are an absolute petite.

The goal of any dress for the petite is to elongate you shape, and fashion an illusion of a few added inches to your height.

What to wear: Simple silhouettes are essential markers of an ideal dress. Go for a fitted or semi fitted sheath dress, and/or shirt dresses.

Want longer legs? Go for a flare dress with a higher cut in the front hem. This is one dress not to stress over, you can’t go wrong with it!

If you’re looking to break up those curves, select one of these and choose a daring pattern or print!


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