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The 6 Commandments of Colored Lipstick During the Day

by Haya Issa |

Ever applied that deep crimson red lipstick while dressing for brunch and thought "nah, it's too much" "this shade is totally not for the day". Well, you aren't alone! Dark and bright lipstick is not an easy-wear and especially during the day. Long have these colors been associated with glamorous nights out. But rest assured, you can make it work, whether you're trying out a bold purple shade or a vivid orangy-red, daytime bold lipstick couldn't be easier with our 6 must-follow rules!

1. Thou SHALL keep the rest of your face fresh and bright.

That is, do not apply eyeliner, thick mascara or contoured foundation. Keep your face natural with your eyes minimized and your lips doing all the work. 


2. Thou SHALL NOT try ombré lips in bright or dark shades.

When it comes to ombré during the day, nudes and light shades are the better options. The fade-out lip look in bold and bright colors is a dramatic statement that needs expertise when applying and perfecting. Keep it simpler with a solid color matte finish. 


3. Thou SHALL try a casual up-do with darker shades.

With a dark shade, such as plum or burgundy, you do not want to hide your face. An up-do keeps your face lit and bright. 


4. Thou SHALL line your lips with a nude concealer.

To keep your dark lipstick unmoved, lining it with concealer defines the lip shape and prevents smudging.


5. Thou SHALL try contrasting sunglasses to complete the look.

Sporting candy pink or coral lips? Pair them with neutrals or whites for the ultimate urban cool-girl look.


6. Thou SHALL be brave, bold, and unwavering



by Haya Issa




Pout, pull it off and get noticed! Remember, dark is the new neutral.



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