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The Quick Slim Down

Posted on 01 December 2017

by Yasmeen Gedeon @MySkinnySeasons

Guest writer/ Certified Nutritionist


Want to fit into that bodycon for date night? Trying to slim down for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or your next vacation? Whatever it may be, Certified Nutritionist Yasmeen Gedeon shares her go-to exercise routine to keep those kilos off and tone up fast.

It's simple; set your timer for 20 minutes and don’t stop until it rings, take a 30 second break between each circuit (after the plank). Remember, go at your own pace and push yourself as hard as you can. Let's get that toned up bod!

1. Burpees (10 reps)
- Begin in a standing position with your legs slightly wider than hip width apart
- Kick your feet back into a plank position keeping your body weight on your hands, then resting your weight on the balls of your feet.
- Kick your feet back towards the hands
- Jump up
- Repeat

2. Snap Jumps (20 reps)
- Place your wrists directly under your shoulders, knees bent behind your hands and feet slightly wider than hip width apart
- Kick both your feet backwards into a high plank position, ensuring your wrists remain directly under your shoulders
- Jump your legs back towards your hands
- Repeat

3. In Out Squats (20 reps)
- Begin in a squat position with your legs shoulder width apart. Make sure your knees are not going over your toes
- Jump into a wider squat, with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure your knees are not going over your toes
- Jump back into starting position
- Repeat

4. Reverse lunge Knee Lift (10 reps per leg)
- Begin with legs shoulder width apart
- Take one leg backwards into a deep lunge, keeping the front knee at 90 degrees
- Drive the same leg in an upward motion towards the chest into a knee raise, straightening the standing leg
- Go back into a lunge position

5. Bent Leg Jackknife (20 reps)
- Lie down on your back with both hands above your head. Ensure lower back is on the mat.
- Bring knees towards your chest and your hands inwards over the knees
- Repeat

6. Commandos (24 reps)
- Begin in a forearm plank position feet slightly wider than hip width apart
- Push up on your right side so your arm is straight, and then follow with the left arm, coming into a high plank position. Ensure wrists are directly under shoulders and maintain a flat back at all times.
- Come down onto your right forearm, then your left, back into a forearm plank.
- This is considered one repetition.
- Repeat on the left side

7. AB Bikes (40 reps)
- Lie down on your back with your hands behind your ears. Ensure elbows are open at all times and lower back is on the mat.
- Bring your legs up to a 30-degree angle; ensuring lower back is still on the mat. This is your starting position.
- Bring in the left knee towards the right elbow, straightening the right leg.
- This is considered one repetition
- Repeat on the left side

8. Lay Down Push Ups (10 reps)
- Lay down on your stomach, with your arms stretched in front of you
- Place hands under shoulder, and press up into a high plank. Ensure wrists are under shoulders at all time
- Go back to starting position
- Repeat

9. Forearm Plank (30 sec)
- Place elbows directly under shoulders
- Legs slightly wider than hip width apart
- Keep your back straight and core engaged
- Avoid rounding the back
- Hold

Simply repeat this workout 3 times a week and look your best!
Start off 2018 healthier, stronger and more confident!

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