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Omni's Clutches Handmade Bags – Egyptian Mother Omnia Mourad Creates Hit Brand Out of Desire to Help Community

by Noor Judeh |

Omni’s Clutches has proven itself as the ultimate local brand to keep an eye out for. Egyptian entrepreneur and designer Omnia Mourad has taken her country’s population by storm. The mother of two works closely with her daughter, Nina Ezz El Arab, to maintain the success of their famously all-handmade brand. Omnia looks back to nine years prior and opens up to Elmuda about her journey, “It all started with very strong urge of mine to help fellow Egyptians in need. I had an idea to start a small handmade bag line, which would allow me to hire women to help with the intricate work, consequently creating work for them. As this brief idea shifted into execution, people immediately liked the bags and started buying a lot. It all took off from there; demand kept increasing and we simply developed accordingly.” Providing a source of income to these women remains a primary driving force behind the brand.
There are three aspects to what make up Omnia’s inspiration. Firstly, what could normally be considered a finishing touch, Omnia uses as her core, and works around it to design the bag. In other words, “I see beads, I envision them bordering a pocket, so I buy them and design the rest of the bag around it,” Omnia explains, “the bag’s “extra touches” are often where it all starts, be it a letter, beading, a feather, etc.” Another inspiration is “nature and [her] surroundings.” Thirdly, Omnia proudly states that her designs are structured according to trends, and that she “always [has] an eye on fashion – to keep up and constantly cooperate with the fashion of the season”.
When asked what materials are used to create the beautiful and funky products, Omnia replied, “We mainly use Egyptian genuine cow leather and genuine python snake skin” (she later added that these snakes come directly from the Egyptian dessert). As the company is rapidly growing, Omnia has started to import some authentic leathers from Turkey and Italy. “I also frequently travel to gather any desirable materials, beads, and feathers from abroad,” she explained, “there is a story behind each bag, they are very stylish, and the combination of colors, materials, and patterns somehow encompasses sporty yet fancy, classic yet chic, thus there are pieces for every taste. The most significant aspect that really makes them special, however, is that they are handmade. It takes weeks to finish just one bag.”
As far as we have known, Omnia has chosen to keep the line's retail location exclusively in Egypt, so the big questions we all have is: are you planning on expanding? Omnia explains that the bags, being handmade, represent a concept that does not allow for mass production and therefore her stock is always limited. This will inevitably present a barrier for Omni's Clutches to go completely viral, and Omnia likes it that way. “I want to keep it the way it is. So, I know there is a maximum to how much I can really expand.” Omni’s Clutches are, however, available on as per the recent launch of MITCHA’s retail and delivery site. Get your bag today. 

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