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Jewels of Life

by Haya Issa |  | 52 comments

"With some paper, crayons, imagination and creativity, child patients in the King Hussein Cancer Center were turned into world-class jewelry designer."

Kurdi Jewelry, in collaboration with King Hussein Cancer Foundation are transferring children patients' dreams to reality. 

The one-of-a-kind designs represent the dreams and fantasies of these cancer patients and what they aspire to. Each and every piece tells a story about a young fighter. With a paper and pens, girls were asked to draw any piece of jewelry they would like to one day wear and boys were asked to draw anything they love to do. 

A simple bus represents the hope of a young boy to one day go back to school.

To support the foundation and everything it stands for, all proceeds and profits go to the foundation to help make these children's recovery a possibility. 

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