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How to Dress According to Your Body Type

by Noor Judeh |

Seasonal changes usually come with an urge to shop the world’s newest collections and trends. As we prance into our second-to-last Christmas season of the decade, we are all becoming more and more body-aware. We want to help you shop specifically for your body type in order to achieve maximum flattering looks for the holidays.
Rectangle Figure
A rather straight up-and-down figure should be shaped with flares to add some waviness. For example, boot-cut pants works very nicely on these types of bodies. A slim fit at the hips that gradually expands to the hems gives your body more shapeliness. Flared skirts would do the same trick. For the top half, feminine tops and body-tight fitted jackets also give the rectangle body a flattering touch. In other words, avoid clothes that don’t create curves.
Hourglass Figure
The key to dressing your body is to use your waist as the focal point in your outfit ensemble. Accentuate your waist and do as you please with the top and bottom as long as they are balanced. Embrace v-neck and backless tops, and always make sure to dress to flatter your beautiful curves by following your body’s outline.
Apple Figure
Pay close attention to the cut of your shirt. Yes’s would include v-necks, plunging necklines, strapless or scoop. The goal is to highlight your bust and elongate the upper portion of your body. Big No’s for this body type are halter tops, high necklines, decorated necklines, and off the shoulder cuts.
Pear/Triangle Figure
The most important aspect to remember is to draw attention to your gorgeous upper body. Bright colors or patterns on your tops and jackets are an eye-catching luxury you pear shapers can afford to pull off. Look for strapless shirts or shirts with wide necklines to make your shoulders look wider and more proportional. To slim the hips, wear straight leg pants or pants that flare at the bottom.
Inverted Triangle Figure
If your shoulders and bust happen to be bigger than your waist, this is a tricky one. Try to use your creativity to create vertical lines on the top half as much as possible. Other than wearing shirts with vertical stripes, you can create vertical lines by wearing jackets and leaving them open. Look for tops that you can tighten around the waist, like tops with nips at the waist or add a belt over the top around you waist. It also helps to wear strapless gowns and tops, and darker colored shirts. The inverted triangle figured women out there know there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to the bottom half.

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