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Art Meets Jewelry

by Haya Issa |

Using vibrant, dynamic colors and a unique outlook towards life, artist Nour Taher defies the norm and “predetermined standards” (as she puts it) to enable people to seek the truth and be true to themselves. Read on to get to know the woman behind the art and her new collection with jewelry brand Sierame.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background; when did you start, and why?
I was born in Amman in 1986. I’ve always been passionate about art growing up; I started looking into turning it into a career when I started the Studio Arts program in Concordia University in 2004. I graduated in 2008 and started exhibiting and teaching art in Amman right after. Why art? Because I feel like it’s the truest form of expression. It’s raw and it’s real.
When and why did you decide to go into jewelry?
Jewelry has always been one of my passions. Ever since I was younger, I loved wearing big statement earrings and rings. It was one of the ways I liked to express who I am. I started collecting antique, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pieces years ago. I’ve always thought of fashion and jewelry, like art, as a way of self expression. I’ve always combined both. When I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Sierame, I dove right in. 
What inspires your art? You have a very distinct technique and style, can you explain a bit about it and what it means to you?
I’m inspired by people and their stories. I’m driven by raw human emotions. 
In my art, I look to inspire people to rid themselves of all predetermined standards and to be true to themselves. I do that by painting self-portraits and allowing people to see the truth. 
What was the inspiration behind the collection?
As humans, we look for inspiration and guidance. We also glorify our hero’s and role models. I chose Greek god and goddesses to give people a chance to carry that power with them and to act as a reminder of self worth. 
What are the pieces made of? 
With Sierame, we are looking to make this collection accessible and personal to anyone and everyone. The idea behind it is to customize and personalize your piece when you order. You can choose any design and put it on any piece of jewelry. You get to choose the metal you want (white, yellow or rose gold and silver) and you can add precious stones to any. 
What is your favorite piece? 
This is a tricky question. They are all my babies. Every time we produce something new I get so excited and it becomes my favorite. But if I absolutely have to choose, I’d say all the yellow gold pendants and the Apollo ring  (I never take them off). Finally, I’m so in love with the latest addition of the collection: the cufflinks. 
What is next on the horizon for your art?
I recently left my job to make art full time. I love collaborating with different talents; and now I have time to do exactly that. I’m also focusing on my painting career. I have a solo exhibition in September which I am very excited about. It’s a very special collection of paintings which I’ve been working on for years. 
You can find the collection online via 
Siera offers verified MasterCard and Visa payments and ships worldwide within 7 days 
Are you an artist? Contact Sierame if you’re interested in collaborating on a collection. 
Art direction: Nour Taher and Marcelle Lifestyle 
Modeling: Marcelle Lifestyle 
Artist: Nour Taher 
Photography: Bashar Alaeddin 

by Haya Issa

Managing Editor

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