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The 21st Century Blogger & Influencer

Posted on 15 January 2018

Do you remember the first time you heard the word blogger or influencer? What came to mind? How did you distinguish between the two?

We’ve come across so many incidents and discussions about what constitutes and defines a blogger or an influencer; who’s who? What makes each one who they are?

The word blogger, in particular, is used so often and to define such a broad spectrum that the word became confusing to many. So, let’s begin with some definitions. (We know, that’s boring but it’s a necessary evil in order to be able to answer our questions).

Almost all bloggers are influencers. Not all influencers are bloggers.

A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary written by a blogger. It is a place to express yourself to the world, and share your thoughts and voice. The word itself ‘blog’ is a short form for the word ‘web blog’. As such, it is required for the blog to be a website on the internet.  Posts on a blog appear in reverse chronological order, just like a diary, and is updated regularly and frequently. They do not just influence, they write and create original content, not just in the form or images. They are the writers among us who express themselves and share their views.

Successful bloggers have learnt how to monetize their blogs through ad campaigns on their websites. Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast), and Aimee Song (Song of Style) are some of the biggest success stories.

Influencers, however, don't have to have website blogs. These are the people who have a huge follower base and thus have an impact on people’s buying behaviors. They are the “it-girls” and “socialites” who are often the first invited to the best parties and front rows at shows.

Influencers are your trendsetters, your YouTube vloggers, your Twitter superstars, your Instagram darlings. They monetize by advertising products for companies, for example posting a picture of them using or wearing it. Think Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and others who gained popularity through their social status, previous reality TV shows or simply, by chance.

As social media continues to grow, it is becoming one of the most important platforms for bloggers and influencers. Instagram in particular has become the main social medium. So how can you distinguish who’s who on Instagram?

Bloggers usually post photos or ‘snippets’ of their blog post or entry that can redirect to their website. As such, Instagram becomes a microblog (which is the keyword here) for fashion bloggers; a medium to communicate a certain aspect of a website blog.

As one blogger puts it:

Not even my blog’s social media pages are considered my ‘blog.’ Each medium is a way to communicate aspects of my blog. Twitter is there for updates and so is Facebook. I use Facebook to also share interesting articles that I find. Instagram is where I feature local style as well as inspiration from others. Pinterest is where you will find all the inspiration you want from the latest trends. Lastly, YouTube is where I create videos, challenges, blogs and show you behind the scenes when we shoot. Each platform is different BUT they are all not blogs.”

For influencers, Instagram is their tool for advertising. It’s the medium where they post, share opinions, interact and ‘sell’ the product/service they are trying to influence. It’s used to share small updates and valuable content with your followers.

So, there you have it: The main difference between bloggers and influencers comes down to their business model. While bloggers curate stylistic editorial content through a personal point of view, influencers are promoting their lifestyle and how products fit into it.


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