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Enter A World of Ideal Health and Serenity

by Haya Issa |

Relaxation, consistency, and serenity to the mind, body and soul are just a few of the many ways to describe my absolute favorite spa in Amman: Spa Amber.
If you are someone who enjoys getting pampered then Spa Amber offers you an optimal peaceful and tranquil experience. Trust me on this, it’s been my go-to for years.
Spa Amber is unique and different from the other places in Amman. How, you may ask? By offering customized services to fit your personal needs! It’s a haven; a retreat to the mind, body and soul.
Located in a charming stone venue at the heart of Amman between the fourth and fifth circle, the tranquility and soothing ambiance surrounds the entire area. They have a delightful little seating area in their garden where you can unwind with a warm cup of green tea and breathe in the fresh air. 
Here’s a look at my top favorite 5 treatments for the summer:
  1. Detox Facial
Our lifestyles demand a lot from our skin, so damage is unavoidable. This facial with its active ingredients is exactly what you need to fight this damage; such as Vitamin C and E, Avocado Peptide and Yeast extract. To gain the full detox effect, keep your body hydrated with water, fruits and vegetables!
  1. Swedish Massage
Are you suffering from back pain and tension from sitting on a desk for too long? Or is work and life stressing you out? This massage is perfect for relieving all that tension, pain and stress! You’ll be oh-so relaxed in no time.
  1. Luxury Aromatic Swedish Massage
This massage takes the Swedish massage a step further! It’s a combination of an aromatic and Swedish massage, with the application of hot stones on your back’s pressure points. It may be hot at first, but it is definitely worth it.
Relaxation is taken to the maximum level here. Your mind will drift to a whole other world for that hour and 15 minutes!
  1. Chocolate Envelopment
Your favorite dessert happens to also be extremely beneficial for your skin! It contains all the nutrients that your skin needs, from magnesium, calcium, and iron to caffeine. You’ll leave with your skin feeling soft, youthful and smelling like chocolate!
stone massage
  1. Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Are you suffering from dry skin this summer, and more in the winter? This scrub is the perfect treatment.  Using the salt and minerals from the Dead Sea, it relieves the dryness and leaves skin soft, radiant and ready for that bikini!
by Haya Abdulhadi

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