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Nature's Blend- Rivage

by Haya Issa |  | 1 comment

We all strive for perfect, flawless skin but sadly not everyone is naturally blessed with that. The secret, I've learnt, is understanding exactly what your skin needs, how it reacts to certain products and adjusting your skincare routine accordingly. Through the years, I've tested out many products. Recently, I tried Rivage; the Jordanian cosmetics brand that's using the natural healing powers of the Dead Sea to renew, detoxify and nourish skin, naturally. I tried the Refreshing Gel Facial Wash and the Mineral Toner for a month and here's what I thought.
Refreshing Gel Facial Wash
The first thing you notice with Rivage's gel facial wash is the rosy scent, which I absolutely loved. The coral jelly-like cleanser is packed with nourishing vitamin E and Pro–vitamin B5,as well as Dead Sea Minerals. It promises to remove dirt and impurities and keep skin moisturized and balanced. After using it continuously for a month (I stopped using any other product, in order to be able to judge), I can say with absolute certainty that it delivers what it promises. It left my skin feeling superclean, but not tight. However, I did get some dryness in my eczema spots on some occasions so I recommend moisturizing after you cleanse your skin as it absorbs all excess oil.
Mineral Toner
I have to say, I absolutely loved this facial toner. First off, it smells absolutely divine. It has such a refreshing scent stemming from the botanical mix it contains. With Dead Sea salt, chamomile, fennel, honey, hops extract, mistletoe and yarrow as the key ingredients, no wonder it makes me feel rejuvenated every time I use it. Secondly, it's alcohol-free which means it won't irritate my eczema-prone skin and cause damage. Thirdly, it is rich with pro-vitamin B5 which helps keep skin soft, smooth and healthy. Pro-vitamin B5 also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help stimulate skin's healing processes.
My routine included cleansing my face with the facial gel, applying the toner, and finishing off with a face moisturizer. It made me feel relaxed and refreshed, especially after a long day. 
Have you tried Rivage? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • Zain Ghazzawi on April 14, 2019

    Gd luck

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