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How to Avoid Razor Bumps

by Noor Judeh |  | 54 comments

Our winter days are coming to an end and we all know what that means – suns out guns out for the guys! But for us ladies, we have a bit more to worry about. Other than our swimsuit bodies, shaving is one of the many vital grooming requirements we face every summer. And as simple as shaving can be, it does come with its complications – one of the main ones being razor bumps. So, we’ve done some extensive research and found some effective ways to avoid this unflattering possible outcome when we shave.
  1. Before shaving, we should always make sure our skin and hair are completely wet with warm water. The reason for warm water is to entirely eliminate goose bumps, so the blade is as smooth as possible on our skin. It is not until your skin is completely wet that you should add soap.


2. After you apply a gentle layer of soap, it is important that you apply shaving gel. It is different than using soap because it is designed to maintain smoothness, even after shaving.


3. Your razor blade should be relatively new, and make sure it is sharp!


4. Shave in the same direction that your hair is growing – not the opposite direction! There is a blunt link between shaving in the right direction and razor bumps.



5. As soon as you finish shaving and drying up, apply moisturizer to the areas of the skin you shaved.


6. When it comes to your bikini line, apply all of these rules exponentially!


Now, if you already have razor bumps, there are a few remedies you can attempt to make these disappear in a timely fashion!
  • Aloe Vera is a classic remedy for soothing irritated skin – use it!
  • Apply hot towels and hot water to irritated areas.
  • Lemon Juice can help clean out these bumps (if you feel a slight burn, its probably working).
  • Remember that avoidance is better than a cure, so pay closer attention to the prevention methods and you shouldn’t have much to worry about this summer!

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