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EMULSION: the new beauty brand on the block

by Haya Issa |  | 54 comments

Imagine a world where everything you want is entirely tailored to your every need! Well, you don't need to dream about it much longer, this new cosmetics brand is changing the name of the beauty game. Completely natural, entirely customizable, 100% vegan, and SLS free, what more can one need?
**An SLS-free product does not contain the harsh and irritating ingredient sodium lauryl sulphate, which is a foaming agent used by many of the big brands in cosmetics.
Meet EMULSION, the innovative UK-based cosmetics concept which allows you to build your own skin and hair care combination. Best part, it can be customized each and every time you use it. 

"A new philosophy in skin and hair care allowing you to tailor each product individually from function to fragrance, creating a truly personal blend."

It's simple! Here's how it works:
You start with the BASE. This works for all body types and is unfragranced. Bases range from their special blend hair shampoo and conditioner to body wash, body and face masks and much more.
You then build on it with an ESSENTIAL OIL, depending on your needs (hair type, skin type).
Afterwards, you pick your favorite FRAGRANCE out of their divine 9 scents.
Last, they offer 3 kinds of EXFOLIANTS; choose from coffee seed, turmeric powder or a floral mix.
So essentially, you are building your own skin or hair care product. Feel like relaxing after a long workday? Throw in their relaxing and rejuvinating let it go essential oil blend. Feeling sluggish in the morning, opt for their wake up happy blend. Just mix it in then and there and voilà, you've got yourself just what you need to start off your day. The packaging even gives you recommendations on how and what to mix.
You can order yours online from their website:

 Their stock can also be found on, and will be available on and by next month. 


The innovative cosmetics brand is nominated for two beauty awards this year.


Mix in and stand out

Make your mix and stand out in your own way!

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