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Beesline Whitening Cleanser and Whitening Lifting Night Cream Review

by Noor Judeh |  | 16 comments

The Beesline whitening products seem to be having a different effect on me than the face products I've been using over the years. The Whitening Cleanser includes vitamins B3 and C, and Lumiskin, which has passed various clinical tests and is proven to help improve all types of skin, including the sensitive sort. My skin is not overly sensitive, nor is it clearly dry or oily, but I do have some run-of-the-mill spots and blotches from the occasional pimple or previous sun damages. This face wash is designed for the standard combination or oily skin, but can be used for any skin type! The Whitening Cleanser is paired with a Whitening Lifting Night Cream that I have also been applying immediately after I wash my face. My experience thus far with these hypo-allergenic products has been lovely. 

Firstly, I've never used a face wash with a minty-fresh feel on my skin. As soon as I apply the cream on my face with some water and start washing, I immediately feel the steam-room type flavor on my skin. Also, I notice physical exfoliation taking place from the rough particles in the product -- that gives me a 'scrub' experience and I prefer that because I feel the effectiveness happening while I am washing and my skin turns out smoother afterwards. 

I applied the Whitening Lifting Night Cream after drying my face off from the wash and noticed it was a very smooth and gentle combination. During season changes my skin tends to get drier than usual, and I have used creams for dry skin in attempt to heal the dryness, but only end up leaving my skin too oily. A couple minutes after I applied the Beesline face cream, it was as if I had not put on lotion, but my skin just felt silky smooth, clean, and the perfect texture. I never had a problem with loose skin but I do feel that this cream made my skin tighter and more radiant!  

Since I started using this combination of cleanser and cream before I sleep, I have been waking up feeling like my face is so clear that my morning face wash routine is unnecessary! I feel confident that this routine will help me prevent wrinkles and blotches as I get older. I can't wait to try out other products from Beesline, like the day SPF face cream and the roll on whitening deodorant! 

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