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Callus Remedies: How to make your gym hands pretty again

by Noor Judeh |

If any of us are gym freaks or play sports that involve holding any equipment with a bar or grip, we experience the trauma of calluses all over our hands, and sometimes feet! We all want to take care of our beautiful hands, so we’ve tested some remedies for this unfortunate and unavoidable collateral damage that comes with shaping...

The Best Kept Winter Skincare Tips

by Haya Issa |

As the seasons change, we always make sure to update our wardrobes with the latest trends and fashion crazes. So why should our beauty routines be any different?   

Enter A World of Ideal Health and Serenity

by Haya Issa |

If you are someone who enjoys getting pampered then Spa Amber offers you an optimal peaceful and tranquil experience. Trust me on this, it’s been my go-to for years.

The night before your wedding: the beauty checklist

by Haya Issa |

There's no doubt everyone wants to look flawless on their wedding day and here are a few tips and tricks that can make you look refreshed, rejuvenated and absolutely flawless on your big day!